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At The Boc we are committed to the environment and our entire environment, that is why we take the necessary measures to reduce the environmental impact by implementing in all our facilities, providing all our clients with all necessities for this.

Energy efficiency

  • Energy efficiency ética involves continuous consideration opportunities for improvement and contribution to reducing energy consumption ético of our facilities. For this reason, The Boc has taken into account energy efficiency in its facilities.

  • All electronic equipment correspond to more efficient energy equipment etica ensuring reduced consumption.

  • Thermal insulation has been carried out in the facilities to achieve greater energy savings in the air conditioning systems.

  • The installation or n of lighting it or n in all our facilities is low consumption and is sectorized .

  • All electrodom é appliances installed are also low power and with one system of climatizaci or n r efficient evisa continuously work with greater efficiency.

Waste reduction

  • At The boc we are aware that the waste generated is one of the biggest environmental problems. Our contribution and objective to reduce the environmental impact in our facilities is the reduction and recycling of the same.

  • To do this, our facilities have a wide range of containers for selective collection of all types of waste generated at the disposal of the staff and our customer s to thereby achieve collaboration or n in the management it or n waste.

Ecological cleaning

  • Another factor with which we are committed at The Boc to take care of our environment, is the use of ecological cleaning products and supplies.

  • For the cleaning and sanitation of all our facilities, ecological products are used to contribute to reducing the environmental impact.

Water saving

  • The concern or n for non - renewable natural resources is everyone 's responsibility, in The boc try to co nseguir the m to maximum possible water saving in all our facilities. For this reason, we have installed awareness posters for the good use of water for both our clients and our staff.

  • We have also implemented to our taps das facilities, toilets and showers with devices saving systems, always looking for the m í nimo consumption and m to Xima efficiency.

  • You can check our commitment to the environment by accessing the ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 The Boc certification . (here)

We continually seek innovation to improve and implement the latest developments in order to help reduce the environmental impact of our ecosystem.


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