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Talking about the bike lanes of Mallorca and the fashion of electric bikes.

Mallorca has always been an island with a great cycling tradition. Beyond the traditional sun and beach tourism, many amateur cyclists and professional teams travel to the island to train. The volume is such, there are many places to rent an electric bicycle and equipment for cyclists.

Perhaps for the most purists of cycling, electric bikes are an aberration, but the truth is that they are an increasingly popular option among tourists and locals to tour the island. Palma is a city with many tourist attractions, architecture, history, museums, gastronomy, sports ... etc., and many times, either due to time or exhaustion, we cannot enjoy everything we would like. An electric bike gives you the necessary autonomy to travel the city in a different, fun , healthy and ecological way, and it is a perfect option and accessible to all kinds of people.

One of the most popular routes is to spend a morning visiting the city center, visiting the Cathedral and the wall, the Almudaina palace, Plaza Mayor, and having some tapas next to the Arab baths. Or walk along the promenade to the beach and end the trip with a refreshing swim before returning.

Palma has more than 90 km of bike lanes, a large majority of which cross the bay of Palma through which you can circulate on your electric bike with a gentle breeze and unbeatable views with little effort. It has more than 2,500 bicycle parking spaces and 200 traffic lights to safeguard your safety. < / Br>
One of the most popular options for going by electric bike outside of Palma is a visit to the Bellver Castle. The steep climbs to the fortress are faced in a different way when the bike's engine helps you climb them, and it is a great option to also get to know the Santa Catalina neighborhood, an old fishing village with a traditional market where you can stop to rest. and, incidentally, take the opportunity to taste the local wines and tapas. The viewpoint at the top has one of the best panoramic views of the city of Palma and the Bay.

There are currently a multitude of bike rental agencies in Palma, and the vast majority also rent electric bikes. The wide variety of bikes available will allow you to expand your possibilities : you will not only find city bikes for touring the city but also folding or mountain bikes and long-distance bikes, more robust and prepared for difficult trails.
Fortunately, Mallorca is perfectly prepared for cycling tourism, and in many areas you will find completely safe bike lanes or cycling paths. Enjoy a walk through the countryside visiting one of them, enjoying the Mallorcan sun and the smells of the countryside, surrounded by fruit trees and traditional fincas , and end the trip in a small hidden cove, the kind that are a treasure that is not much people know.

Lovers of two wheels have never had it easier to enjoy their passion on one of the most beautiful islands in the Mediterranean.

Here we offer you some of the most popular routes that you can enjoy with your electric bike: https://palmariders.com/discover/



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